Stone, Marble and Granite Conveyor Belts - Heavy Duty Belts Designed to Suit Your Needs

The stone, marble and granite industries require special conveyor belt solutions designed to handle heavy loads and a range of production processes. Whether you require a belt for the cutting, polishing or sizing of marble, granite, stone or ceramics, we offer a wide range of belting options that fit the bill perfectly.

Stone, Marble and Granite Conveyor BeltsAt Sampla Belting we have been designing and fabricating conveyor belts for decades and our experience and expertise is second to none. Our belting solutions can handle stone, marble and granite of any size or thickness and ensure it is transported to its destination efficiently and safely.

As a conveyor belt company we are recognised worldwide and have produced cost effective, reliable belting solutions for a huge number of clients. From cross cutting machines through to polishing machines, our conveyor belts are designed to suit a wide range of applications.

The following conveyor belts are recommended for the stone and granite industries:

  • U35V - U61V - U91V - U121/4F
  • MG101/Y - MG101/H2
  • L91V - L121/4/V

Flat Transmission Belts for Marble and Granite

Our flat transmission belts ensure smooth and efficient processing and stability even in the toughest of working conditions.  Heavy loads are kept secure by our range of versatile fabrics which ensure slippage is kept to an absolute minimum.

Modern high performance machines are used in the polishing and cutting of granites and stones and many of these machines rely on belts at different stages of the production process. Our heavy duty belts promise excellent durability and lower maintenance overheads.

We offer the following flat transmission belts and would be delighted to help you select the right design:

Series F - ideal for environments where water, oil or dust is present, the Series F range of power transmission belts offers excellent grip between the belt and pulley and a strong nylon core. The nylon lamina ensures homogenous and constant power transmission and protection should the system become overloaded.

Series P - Our Series P range of conveyor belts offers an alternative to or traditional Series F leather surface belts. Series P offers power transmission belts featuring a rubber surface and a nylon core which ensures excellent resistance in environments where water, oil or dust is present.

The following flat transmission belts are recommended for the stone and granite industries:

  • F200/44 - F300/54
  • P100/21 - P150/26

We would be delighted to recommend the ideal stone granite or marble conveyor belt to suit your needs.For years we have been fabricating these belts to the highest standard and our team will ensure your new belt is installed with precision. Sampla Belting solutions offer years of reliable use and a long service life.

Speak to the belting experts at Sampla Belting Canada today. We have been fabricating reliable and efficient conveyor belt solutions for the stone, granite and marble industries for many years. Speed up production and increase profits like never before.  Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.