Flat Power Transmission Belts – Customized To Your Industry Requirements

Sampla Belting Canada’s flat power transmission belts are tailor-made belting solutions of the highest standard. No matter what the industry, application or machine design, we can manufacture the right transmission belt to suit your needs. We offer a range of belting solutions that are suitable for various tasks allowing you to maximise in terms of production.

Reasons to use a Sampla Power Transmission Belt:

  • Excellent dimension and length accuracy
  • High performance and operating life
  • Resistant to harsh environments
  • Custom profiles on request
  • No minimum quantities required
  • Quick turnaround time

We have been making these belts for decades and in that time we have refined and perfected our manufacturing processes so that you get a power transmission belt that not only does the job well but does it well for many years.  If you are currently experiencing problems with your existing belts and the associated costs of repairs and downtime, we can help.  No matter what industry you are in, we can recommend the right transmission belt to suit your needs.  Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.

Power Transmission Belts


Our leather-nylon belts are designed for the transmission of power on one side only. Our Series F belts are ideal for hard conditions such as paper mills, wood gangsaw, flour mills, marble gangsaw, and the mechanical industry.


When power transmission is required on both sides, our leather-nylon Series L transmission belts are suitable. These belts feature durable leather on both sides; they are suited to the mechanical industry and also oily and contaminated conditions.


Our Series P power transmission belts offer transmission of power on just one side and are suitable for the chemical industry, paper converting industries, and the mechanical industry.  They are, typically, green coloured on both sides.


The Series T power transmission belts in our range are suited to the textile industry as tangential belts, the graphics industry as folder-gluers and the paper converting industry.  Featuring bilateral synthetic rubber covers, these belts can also be used as machine belts for conveying and packaging in chemical, wood and mechanical environments.  Features yellow colour on pulley side and green colour on spindles. 

Realise the Many Benefits of Power Transmission Belts

Our highly experienced team of engineers will work closely with you to produce the power transmission belt that best suits your needs.  We have the capability to manufacture your belt using a number of surface covers and coatings and would be delighted to recommend the most suitable design and materials.

Speak to Sampla Belting today to discuss your production needs.  We have hundreds of design solutions available and can customise your power transmission belt to suit your exact requirements. Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.