Custom Conveyor Belts and Power Transmission Belting for Every Industry - Wide Range of Industry Applications

Our conveyor belt products are diverse in design and can be customized to suit many applications including the food industry, textile industry, packaging, airports, postal services, wood industry and stone, marble and granite industries, and many more.

At Sampla Belting Canada, we understand that the job of a conveyor belt isn’t always just to transport items.  Certain applications require materials and produce to be lifted, protected, buffered and carried quickly to their next destination on the production line. As a result we have designed and developed our wide range of belting solutions to suit all types of industry-specific applications.

Some of these applications include conveyor belts and power transmission belting for:

No matter what industry you are in or what products you need to distribute, our conveyor belts feature the components required to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition.  If you are unsure of what belting solution you need, speak to our team and we can recommend a solution that will fit your business requirements perfectly. You can also call us at 1-800-847-5204.

Whether your products or materials come in cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, crates or no packaging, Sampla Belting has the ideal solution to help you increase line output, maintain optimum system uptime and enhance your ability to meet evolving industry requirements.

Choosing the Perfect Belting Solution

We offer a wide range of conveying, buffering, elevation, merging and diverting solutions for any industry.  The belts we offer are simple solutions and integrate onto your existing machinery or production / distribution line.

When you need a system that ensures gentle handling, trust that our belts will not let you down.  We understand that different products require different handling; with our huge range of belting products, we will find the belt that suits your needs perfectly. 

Speak to us today to find out how to improve your line control and production whilst ensuring excellent returns by having the right belt in place.