Conveyor Belts from Sampla - Hundreds of Custom Belting Options Available

At Sampla Belting Canada we have a vast range of conveyor belts designed to increase productivity. Our selection includes low profile and heavy duty conveyor belts made from the most durable and versatile materials to suit a wide range of applications. From delicate electrical components and fragile foodstuffs to heavyweight materials such as granite and metals, we can help you to choose the ideal conveyor belt solution to suit your needs.

Each of our conveyor belt products is built to last. We use robust materials that have been tried and tested out in the field and which have delivered on durability, reliability and cost. When you choose a Sampla conveyor belt you can be sure of the best service and performance and a great degree of reliability.

Some of our Conveyor Belt Solutions include:

  • PVC
  • PU
  • Polyolephin
  • Hytrel
  • Silicone
  • Raw covers
  • Nova Type
  • Hi-Temperature

No Matter What the Industry – We Have the Right Conveyor Belt to Do the Job

Our conveyor belts are manufactured to the highest standard. Sampla Belting products call on standard designs that have been proven to deliver in high pressure environments where efficiency is of the essence. Each belt is designed to be durable, dependable and low maintenance resulting in decreased downtime and maximum productivity. Our prices are also some of the most cost effective on the market and we would be delighted to give you a quote. Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.

We are constantly striving to improve the belting products in our range and to add new materials as new production methods are introduced. Safety, practicality, hygiene and suitability are considerations that are top priority in our design processes. Whether you need to transport packaged or unpackaged foodstuffs, construction materials, textiles or electronic parts etc. we want your product to reach its destination in perfect condition and ready for the next stage in production.

Our conveyor belts are the perfect solution for both distributors, the end users and for OEMs. Over the years we have supplied our products to a broad selection of industries including automotive, packaging, textiles, and food processing.

Speak to the belting experts at Sampla Belting today. We have been speeding up industrial production for our clients for years and would be delighted to help you increase productivity. Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.