Sampla Belting A Tradition of Excellence in Conveyor and Transmission Belting Worldwide

Sampla Belting Canada

The very first Sampla PVC belt was produced in our flagship fabrication plant in Italy many years ago. From here Sampla Belting has forged a company and reputation that has continued to go from strength to strength worldwide. Our commitment to our clients and our products is obvious. Through our extensive research, advanced technology and dedication to quality Sampla has become one of the leading conveyor belt suppliers in operation today.

At Sampla Belting Canada, we offer our clients the following benefits:

  • Increased productivity through the application of our belting solutions
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime costs
  • Exceptional customer service and repairs
  • 24/7 service

Customized solutions to suit the needs of your business and specific applications

We have designed and developed a remarkable range of belting solutions that reduce production times, increase workflow and help to significantly increase profits for our clients. Through inventive design and production, an understanding of our clients’ needs and a commitment to delivery, we have built robust business relationships across many industries.

Our Mission "To Serve Customers with World-Class Conveyor and Power Transmission Belts"

Our mission is to offer the most reliable belting to our clients. We continue to develop our services so that we remain the number one belting choice for our existing and prospective clients. A common trait across all Sampla Belting offices worldwide is the close attention we pay to our clients and their individual needs. We know that industry needs and market dynamics change. As a result, we will deliver the most cost-effective and efficient belting solutions to ensure our clients remain competitive and the best in their industry.

Sampla Belting Canada offers a wealth of experience in the belt manufacturing and fabrication process. In addition, as our customers, you have the peace of mind that any belt you choose will last and become one of your most dependable production assets. Through constant testing, innovative design and a focus on quality throughout the manufacturing and fabrication process, we deliver amongst the best conveyor belt solutions on the market today.

Businesses face increasing pressure to hit deadlines and volume targets and to increase production whilst reducing cost. Speak to Sampla Belting Canada today to find out how our belting solutions can help you meet these challenges head-on. Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.