Sampla Belting Carrying and Folding Belts – Fully Customizable For Your Specific Needs

There are certain applications that call for a belt that does more than simply transporting products and other items around your factory.  Our carrying and folding belts are just one example of the innovative designs we have available and they are suited to many complex applications.

Commonly used in the graphic arts, bindery, packaging and box, our carrying and folding belts are available in a wide range of material choices that can be perfectly matched to the task at hand.  We have carefully studied the characteristics of each material we offer so that we can recommend the perfect cover and installation method.  The right cover will not only ensure smooth and efficient production, but will also prevent damage to your products. 

Our products are specifically developed to be utilized in industries that require conductivity, quick joining and good flexibility.  It is these essential design pre-requisites that go into every one of our carrying and folding belt ranges.  Speak to our team now to find out more about our range and to obtain a free quote. Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.


Series C in our range of carrying and folding belts offers a bilateral synthetic rubber cover design that is perfect for the cardboard and graphic arts industries.  Features green colour on both faces.


If you are looking for a carrying and folding belt for paper converting, packaging or graphic arts applications, our Series M belts are a sensible choice.  They feature a polyamide fabric carcass, a green conveying surface and a black friction coating underside.


The Sampla Belting Series ME is suitable for all paper converting, packaging and graphic arts applications that require inclined and magnetic (can) conveyor belts. This belt has a carcass made of polyester fabric, a green conveying surface and a black friction coating underside.


Series MX features flat power transmission belts used in the paper converting industry as light conveyors and also in magnetic elevators. This series features a green conveying surface (Except MX 50/09) and a black friction coating underside.


Series NE is typically recommended for use in the printing and graphic arts industries. Made from polyurethane elastic, these conveyor belts are unsupported to ensure “quick melt” installation on light conveyors with fixed drums. White option is also available for our customers in the food industry for use in metal detection, slicing lines and light inspection.

Speak to Sampla Belting today if you require assistance choosing the right carrying and folding belt for automated production. We can match the belt to your requirements no matter what the industry or application. Give us a call at 1-800-847-5204.